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Lightroom presets for fast and nice editing workflow

For my baby and maternity photoshoots, I'd rather do a step by step editing with both lightroom and photoshop.

But when it comes to lifestyle photography, I love working with lightroom presets.

It makes my work so easier, and I am always happy with the result.

If you're an amateur photographer and don't want to lose time on editing your photos, this is the best way to do it.

On those photos, I used Sleeklens beautiful lightroom presets.

They have tons of options for everyone tastes, and a very complete set of brushes to add a nice final touch to the portraits.

My favorites are the vintage style presets. Then I use the brushes to sharpen the eyelashes, brighten the eyes, define the hair, and sometimes add some burn here and there.

Here is where you can find there complete set of presets:

You can see the before and after of those candid photos taken with my daughter. There was very less light, the photos were under-exposed, and there's a greenish colour which I don't like at all.

Using sleeklens presets, doing a few adjustments, and my photos are transformed!

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