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It’s important to remember that being a true “photographer” is much more than just being able to buy a camera and take pictures with it.


Finding the right photographer goes even deeper than the technical side of photography. There are certain key characteristics of a good photographer that you should look for and should help you in deciding which one to choose for your portraits.  Below is a list of a few:



PASSIONATE - I genuinely love my job, it's part of me. And I believe that this will always translate into beautiful images that you'll cherish for years to come. 


FAST - I am a hard worker and deliver proofs and products on time and in reasonnable delay.  Some may say I am a bit of a workaholic but I love what I do and don't waste any time doing it!


EQUIPMENT - I use some of the best cameras and lenses available and always have back up.


I'M THE ARTIST - I could easily hire on other photographers or digital artists but I prefer to see each and every session through from start to finish!  This means I may not take on as many sessions so I can spend time and attention to each client and the quality of their finished photographs.


CREATIVE – I help each client come up with a portrait session that’s truly unique by making suggestions based on what the client has told me they’re looking for in their portraits. Client will come away with portraits that are special and unlike any other.


PROGRESSIVE – I never settle and always strive to improve and become better. This goes hand in hand with my dedication and passion, with the desire to learn and keep moving forward, and it will show in my work.


EASY GOING - I am a photographer you can feel comfortable with. I am a people person and I want you to be happy, relaxed, and to enjoy the sessions.




If this has struck a chord with you and you think I could be your photographer, lets chat! Contact me.


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